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Reaping Returns at Northridge

Entertainment enthusiasts have confirmed what we’ve long suspected to be true: we’re never too old to indulge our inner child. Proving this beyond a reasonable doubt has been the successful opening of amusement emporium Round1 at Northridge Mall in Salinas, California.

“Round1 has experienced one of their strongest openings ever in their chain and has been a tremendous addition to Northridge,” said Naumann Idrees, Vice President, Leasing.  “It’s provided a real community place to gather and have fun, with people of all ages enjoying what classic and modern experiences.”

This is the second Round1 in the Starwood Retail portfolio, following a December 2018 opening at Gateway Mall in Lincoln, Nebraska. Occupying a 45,000sq-ft space in Lincoln’s largest shopping centre, this addition has been a wonderful way to give back to the local community and provided a haven for families to unwind and have fun.

Northridge’s Round1 has also given its community a gathering point to meet, socialize and eat. Set out over a sprawling, action-filled 50,000 sq-ft area, it’s perfectly positioned on the second level of the new Center Court, which has been designed to be a hub the patrons of Northridge will gravitate towards.

“The Center Court is a place where people congregate,” confirms Michael Platt, Vice President of Development & Design. “Whether it's socializing on a day to day basis, gathering with friends to watch a concert, or even bringing the kids to see a visit from the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, a center court is the all-important heart of a bustling shopping complex.”

This crucial element will play a significant role in promoting Northridge as a social hotspot. Miniso, Pandora, GBG by Guess, Xfinity and Don Robertos are also making their presence felt as new tenants, with a Burgerim also now under construction. Other major advances have included Foot Locker and Forever 21 taking up residence in brand new stores plus the newly expanded Bath & Body Works/White Candle. However, it’s no secret in today’s world of technology, what draws people out to shopping centers are the culinary and leisure options which complement the retail offerings.

“A large focus at Northridge has been adding in extra dining and entertainment options,” Platt states. “This includes a great new, iconic center stage to host events and create a meeting hub for the people of Salinas. Because, at our core, we are social beings, so we see the shopping center as a place to do as opposed to a place to buy.”

A Planet Fitness will also soon become part of the Northridge shopping scene, adding to the strategy of offering customers things to do as opposed to things to buy. As Platt explains: “You might work out three to four times a week, but the number of times you actually go buy a new pair of shoes is likely less than once a month. So our goal, as we reimagine these assets, is to deliver what drives traffic on a much more frequent basis. And things like entertainment, restaurants and fitness is what we strive for.”

These results, as Idrees attests to, speak for themselves. “Overall, sales are up, and tenants continue to set up shop in Northridge. Round1 has significantly added to our appeal and the addition of non-traditional uses of space, such as the fitness concepts are being embraced by the community,” Idrees confirms. “It’s testament to the fact if you invest in these centers and you curate them well for the local market, it opens up great opportunities for concepts to thrive.”